How to Get Rid of Possum in the Garden

If you have a possum crawling around in your garden, eating your vegetables and food, then you need to know how to get rid of possum in the garden.

All right, first of all, to get rid of those pesky possum, you need to trap the possum. I would recommend a raccoon trap for this. As for bait, you can use anything you can find. Possums, as I have said before, are very opportunistic feeders, so they will eat whatever they can find, which is probably why they were in your garden. So, put anything in the trap and place it in your garden. After a couple days, you will probably find the 'ol possum. When getting rid of it, I would recommend putting it in a safe environment where it will thrive, such as a wooded area with plenty of possum food.

The next step is to make sure that the possum and other night dwellers do not come back. There are many methods that can be used a possum repellant. First of all, you can put up an electric fence or other fence to keep them out. Be careful with the width of the posts, because possums are very good climbers and fairly good at balancing.

Also, try keeping the area well-lit. Remember that possums are nocturnal, so they will usually stay away from light. Next, another thing that will work is placing predator urine around the area that they usually go. I know that you are probably thinking, "Wow, thats all? Well let me go and grab my fox pee."

Next, try placing ammonia and mothballs around your garden. This will usually work to keep them away, but I have not tried this one, but I have heard of people using it to keep possums away.

If you want to get rid of possum in the garden, then you will need to get rid of their shelter in your garden. If that is brush or any other hiding place, get rid of it. They are looking for shelter or food, which your garden provides.

Once you have done all of these steps to know how to get rid of possum, it should have gone away. Just to review, make sure to remove the possum with a trap, then try putting up a fence or something to block it off. If you can not do that, place predator urine, ammonia and mothballs, cat or dog hair, or other things around your garden. Then, keep the area well-lit, and those possums should not come near your garden.

Another very common garden pest is a mouse or a rat. These annoying things can get into your garden and eat all kinds of things. Rats are very annoying, and many people are scared of them, but, with a little work, you can get rid of them just as easily as you can get rid of possum. All you need are the right tools for rat extermination. If you ever have a mouse problem of any sort, I highly recommend checking out my friend's rat extermination site to learn all about rats, exterminating them, and other useful info.

Thanks for reading how to get rid of possum in your garden.