Possum Repellent

In this article, I plan to cover both free and some more expensive ways that you can get some possum repellent that works. I also will talk about where to place this for the best results, and some other things you can do to get rid of possums.

A couple months ago, I had a call in a nearby town that had a possum in their garden. I went there, and realized that it was the same place I have been several times. Every time, their dog finds a possum in their garden, and they call me to remove it. Only this time, they asked me what they can do to keep these critters away. So, I told them, and now I will let you know some of the things that I have used in the past and that work the best.

First of all, you may hear that you can use ammonia and mothballs as a possum repellent. I have heard of this, and have even recommended it on this blog at times, for people who are really desperate, but in my experience, it does not work nearly as well as other methods.

So, besides that, the only natural possum repellent that actually works is predator urine. In fact, fox urine works the best. Now, obviously that is not something people have lying around their house. But, this is the only possum repellent that I know of that works, and it certainly is the best one out there.

That being said, I bet that most of the commercial repellents you can buy are also based on fox urine. There are all kinds of them out there, and some are at your local store or farm and home store. There are many brands, and you will just have to pick one and try it out. If it does not work, try a different one. Here is a list of my favorite possum repellents:

Now, once you have it, you need to know where to place it. Well, first, you need to locate where the animal is getting into your house, or onto your property. Be sure to spread it there. This can be a doorway, stretch of road, a spot in your home, or around your garden. Put the repellent there as well. If you find other weak spots in your "defense" be sure to put it there.

One more very good thing you can to to keep possums away is to bathe the area in light. Possums are nocturnal animals and will not go through an area that is very light.

Well, thanks for reading, and be sure to go out there and get some possum repellent, or those possums will keep coming back.

How to Thwart Possums By Growing Possum-Resistant Plants

Learning how to get rid of possum can be hard, but there are several ways to get rid of them and keep them away. If you have been reading this blog, then you know that all you have to do is trap them, or remove them from your property, then go ahead and use possum replants to keep them away.

It is a pretty simple method, but I still get some questions. First of all, you want to know what kind of bait to use. Well, possum are very opportunistic feeders, as I have mentioned many times, and they will eat almost any food. Just throw something in there and see if it works.

Then, you can use some possum replants to keep them away from your house and garden. These include things like predator urine and cat and dog hair as well as ammonia and mothballs. You can also get some commercial possum replant from a local store.

Then, you need to make your property possum proof. This includes making sure that there is no food lying around and there are no entrances to your house. Also, you need to remove all brush and sticks lying around your house. Then, make sure that the area is very well-lit.

But, there is still a problem. Possums may be eating out of your garden, and you can not just get rid of all the food, and you can not get rid of all of the plants. So, what do you do? Well, while I was surfing earlier, I found a great site all about Perennial Plant Care and all kinds of other things. I highly recommend checking it out for all of your gardening needs.

That is all you need to know to get rid of possum. Just go out there and do it!

How to Get Rid of Possums Fast

Welcome to how to get rid of possums fast. This article will be all about possum, and how to remove them if they find their way into your house. After reading this, you should be able to very easily remove them from your house and learn all kinds of repellants that you can use to keep them away. Read on to find out how to never have a possum problem again.

All right, so you have a pesky little possum hanging around in your house, basement, attic, garden, or woodshed. Possums have a habit of getting into your house and although they are somewhat harmless, they can make a mess and can destroy some furniture and rugs. If you are looking for rugs, by the way, please go and check out Wool Area Rugs to find all kinds of rugs and information on what rug to get.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the possum. There are several ways to do this. Above all, you need to make sure that you do not kill the animal unless it is necessary. They really are just little animals that will not hurt you, but will put on a show of strength if they are threatened, or else they will just play dead. Anyway, there are 2 ways of doing this. You can trap it(recommended) or you could chase it out.

All right, first of all, you need to get it out of your house and off of your property. There are violent ways to do this, but I would recommend trapping it. Buy a good sized trap, one that could fit a raccoon. Then, put it out where the possum will find it, but not too obvious. As for bait, you can use almost anything. Possums are very opportunistic feeders, so they will eat nearly any food they can find.

The next thing you can do is chase it out of your house. This is hard and you could hurt the animal, but you can try it if you want. Just get a broom or a shovel and chase it to a door way. That is about all I can say about it, you can try it at your own risk to get rid of possums fast.

All right, now that it is out of your house, you need to take measures to keep them away. These are called possum repellants. There are all kinds of these, and bought ones tend to work the best, but hey, you can try some of these.

First of all, you need to possum-proof your house or where ever they are coming in. You need to make sure that there is no route of entry to your house, and there is no food laying around your house, or any shelter that they can use. This can be brush or sticks or even garbage cans. Just make sure that there is no food or shelter for the animal.

Also, try spreading predator urine, such as fox urine, around your house or where ever they are coming in. Also, you can try ammonia and mothballs or pet fur. Also, make sure that the entrance to the hiding place is flooded with light. This will keep them away because possum are very nocturnal and are scared, in some ways, of light.

Thanks for reading how to get rid of possums fast, and I hope that now you have learned how to get rid of possums and use possum repellants effectively to keep them away. Thank you for reading how to get rid of possum.

How To Get Rid of Possum Anywhere

Basic Rules of Learning How To Get Rid Of Possums Anywhere

Getting rid of those pesky possums can be tough, but if you read on and learn how to get rid of possum anywhere, it will not be too hard for you.

First of all, you need to know a little about possums, besides the fact that one of them is hidden inside your house or nearby or terrorizing your garden. Possums are actually very nice animals, and are rarely aggressive. But, they will attack you if they feel threatened. What they do more though, is the famous feigning death.

They are also very good climbers, which is important to know if you want to know how to get rid of possums anywhere. They also have a very useful tail and spend most of their lives sleeping. Possums are nocturnal, which means that they function mostly at night. They will eat almost anything they can get their paws on.

If you want to get rid of possum, you need to know where they are first. Once you know that, go and check out their hiding spot. Are they still in there? If the possums are still in their den, then you need to get them out. There are several ways to do this. You can put possum traps outside the den, or you can kill the possum, or you can chase it out with a broom or something similar.

If it is not in there, you can use the possum trap to trap the animal and remove it. As I said above, they will eat almost anything, so just put some food in there or find some other possum attractant that you can use as a way of how to get rid of possum.

Once it is out, you can use some kind of possum repellant(or opossum repellant) to keep it away. You can go ahead and buy some if you need to.

You can also try predator urine, such as fox urine to keep them away, or even place some ammonia and mothballs around the possum den to keep them away.

The next step is to clean up. You need to block any ways in or out of the den that you possibly can. Also clean up all of the things that the possum could possibly want where it is going. These include mainly food and shelter. Make sure that there is no food in there and that there it no shelter(this may be hard sometimes) Make sure that any trees or logs or leaves laying around are cleaned up as well. If you do all of these things, you will be well on your way to learning and implementing how to get rid of possum.

How to Get Rid of Possum in the Garden

If you have a possum crawling around in your garden, eating your vegetables and food, then you need to know how to get rid of possum in the garden.

All right, first of all, to get rid of those pesky possum, you need to trap the possum. I would recommend a raccoon trap for this. As for bait, you can use anything you can find. Possums, as I have said before, are very opportunistic feeders, so they will eat whatever they can find, which is probably why they were in your garden. So, put anything in the trap and place it in your garden. After a couple days, you will probably find the 'ol possum. When getting rid of it, I would recommend putting it in a safe environment where it will thrive, such as a wooded area with plenty of possum food.

The next step is to make sure that the possum and other night dwellers do not come back. There are many methods that can be used a possum repellant. First of all, you can put up an electric fence or other fence to keep them out. Be careful with the width of the posts, because possums are very good climbers and fairly good at balancing.

Also, try keeping the area well-lit. Remember that possums are nocturnal, so they will usually stay away from light. Next, another thing that will work is placing predator urine around the area that they usually go. I know that you are probably thinking, "Wow, thats all? Well let me go and grab my fox pee."

Next, try placing ammonia and mothballs around your garden. This will usually work to keep them away, but I have not tried this one, but I have heard of people using it to keep possums away.

If you want to get rid of possum in the garden, then you will need to get rid of their shelter in your garden. If that is brush or any other hiding place, get rid of it. They are looking for shelter or food, which your garden provides.

Once you have done all of these steps to know how to get rid of possum, it should have gone away. Just to review, make sure to remove the possum with a trap, then try putting up a fence or something to block it off. If you can not do that, place predator urine, ammonia and mothballs, cat or dog hair, or other things around your garden. Then, keep the area well-lit, and those possums should not come near your garden.

Another very common garden pest is a mouse or a rat. These annoying things can get into your garden and eat all kinds of things. Rats are very annoying, and many people are scared of them, but, with a little work, you can get rid of them just as easily as you can get rid of possum. All you need are the right tools for rat extermination. If you ever have a mouse problem of any sort, I highly recommend checking out my friend's rat extermination site to learn all about rats, exterminating them, and other useful info.

Thanks for reading how to get rid of possum in your garden.

How to Get Rid of Possum in Your Attic

If you have possum in your attic, then you need to know right away how to get rid of possum in your attic.

First of all, you need to remove the possum. There are several ways of doing this, the first is by trapping it. To do this you will need a trap and some bait. A medium sized trap will work well. One fit for a raccoon will work. As far as bait goes, you can use almost anything. Possums are what are called "opportunistic feeders" which means that they will eat anything that is available, any time.

Another method worth mentioning would be to kill the animal. Although it is not the cleanest way, it is faster than buying a trap. You can hit the animal with a baseball bat or a board or any hard object.

If you need to know how to get rid of possum in your attic, but do not have a trap or do not want to kill it, you can try and chase the possum out of your attic with a broom or shovel. Possum are usually very calm, and will play dead when threatened, but at times, they can get aggressive and could attack, so be careful. They do carry diseases, but possum are extremely resistant to rabies, so they will not give you rabies if you are bit.

All right, now that you have the animal out of your house, you need to make sure that they do not come back. To repel the possums, you need to know two things: why they are coming to your house, and more about the animal itself.

The possum is coming to your house for one of two things: Food or shelter. They need food that your house provides, or they need shelter that you could have. So, first of all, remove all routes of entry to your house. You may need to stay up late to find where they are coming in. Once that is done, you need to remove all food that they are after. So, you have effectively removed both their shelter and their food that they are after.

Second of all, you need to know that possum are nocturnal animals, so also keep the area in which they are coming in, as well as where they are hiding, well-lighted. If it is full of light, then the possum will not go in there.

Other methods of getting rid of possum include placing cat and dog hair around your house, placing predator urine, such as fox urine, in their entry places, and placing ammonia and mothballs around your house.

If all is done well, then you should no longer have possum in your attic and will not longer need to know How to Get Rid of Possum in Your Attic!

How to Get Rid of Possum

At some time in your life, a possum may find its way into your shed, garden, garbage cans, or even your house, and you need to know how to get rid of a possum. This will explain just that.

How to Get Rid of Possum
First of all, do not be afraid. A possum is usually a very harmless animal. They are very unique animals actually, as they are the only marsupials in North America. Huh? Well, that simply means that they have a pouch where they carry and raise their young. Possums also have what is called a “prehensile tail,” which is a unique tail that they can use to hang on things. Possums are well known for doing what you can teach your dog to do, playing dead, when threatened. Possums are omnivores (What!?!?) which means that they eat almost anything. That is why they are probably where you do not want them, they have come looking for food.

Possum are slow, but are very good climbers. They can climb up to your attic and live in there, which is one of the main concerns about these little guys, and is why you might need to know how to get rid of possum. They can also be problems if they start living under a porch, shed, or have been stealing food from pets or your garbage, or bothering pets. Possums are usually harmless, but to make quite a mess with their droppings and can get aggressive if they feel threatened. Also, they can have parasites or viruses as well, but do not carry rabies usually.

All right, so you have a possum in your attic or shed. How to get rid of possums? Well, the best way to do so is by trapping them. You will need a fairly large trap; a raccoon trap will work well. As for bait, you can use almost anything. Put it in their hiding place, or where you think they will go, and wait. Remove them to a place where they will be safe. If you know exactly where they are, you can attempt to chase them out with a broom as well.

Ok, so now they are gone. But they may be back. How do you make sure that they don’t come back now that you know how to get rid of possum and have done it? Some sites will say to place ammonia and mothballs, but I have found that it does not work at all. Basically, I would suggest removing the whole reason that they came. They usually come looking for food and shelter, and houses or sheds can provide both. Eliminate all sources of food that are at or near you house. Then, get rid of brush piles or any other type of shelter for possums. Finally, make sure to keep doors closed at all times and if there are places animals can get into your house, seal them up.

One more strategy worth mentioning is placing predator urine near points of entry or shelter. Possums have pretty good sense of smell, and they can smell that urine and will not enter the place. Fox or even dog urine works. Also, I have heard of placing dog or cat fur near these places as well, but have never tested it to be honest. If you know where they are coming in and out, make sure that the place is well lighted. Possums are nocturnal animals, and do not like light much. So, light will help keep them away and get rid of possum.

All right, that is all for now on how to get rid of possum. I hope you have learned enough to get rid of that pesky possum (or opossum as some call it.) Thanks for reading How to Get Rid of Possum